The Alaska Satellite Facility interviewed me about my work, career and my use of their InSAR data in 2023.

I gave a plenary talk about the most interesting aspects of faults in northern California at the SCEC Annual Meeting in 2022.

UCR press release video for the Nissen et al. (2016) article in Nature Geoscience that I co-authored.

My investigations and response to the 24 August 2014 South Napa earthquake were reported by local media. KQED article. KQED follow-up article.

I gave a public lecture at UCR in May 2014, describing how InSAR can be used to further our understanding of faults and earthquakes. 

An older video interview by the NASA press office, on my NASA-funded project involving local schoolchildren in Fremont, CA in studying the creeping Hayward fault in their midst.